Computer Simulation of Furniture Layout
When Moving One House to Another
SCCG2017 Proceedings of the 33rd Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, SCCG 2017, Mikulov, Czech Republic, May 15-17, 2017

Takuya Yamakawa 1 Yoshinori Dobashi 1 Makoto Okabe 1 Kei Iwasaki 1 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto 1
1Hokkaido University, 


Furniture layout design is a challenging problem, and several methods have recently beenproposed. Although the lighting environment in a room has a strong relationship with the furniture functionality, the previous methods completely overlooked it in designing furniture layout. This paper addresses this problem; we propose an efficient method for computing furniture layout taking into account the lighting environment. We propose a new cost function that evaluates the lighting environment taking into account inter-reflections of light. A fast method for evaluating the cost function is also proposed. We demonstrate that our method improves the quality and usability of furniture layout by taking into account the lighting environment.



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