A Precomputed Approach for Real-time Haptic Interaction with Fluids
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 90-92 (2007)
Proc. ACM Symposium Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) 2006, pp. 91-99 (2006-8)
Proc. Siggraph 2005 Emerging Technology Project (2005-8)
Yoshinori Dobashi 1 Shoichi Hasegawa 2 Mitsuaki Kato 2 Makoto Sato 2 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto 1 Tomoyuki Nishita 3 1Hokkaido University,  2Tokyo Institute of Technology,  3The University of Tokyo


Haptic interfaces enable us to interact with a virtual world using our sense of touch. This paper presents a method for realizing haptic interaction with water. Our method displays forces acting on rigid objects due to water with a high frame rate (500 Hz). To achieve this, we present a fast method for simulating the dynamics of water. We decompose the dynamics into two parts. One is a linear flow expressed by a wave equation used to compute water waves. The other is a more complex and nonlinear flow around the object. The fluid forces due to the nonlinear flow is precomputed by solving Navier-Stokes equations, and stored in a database, named the Fluid Resistance Map. The precomputed non-linear flow and the linear flow are combined to compute the forces due to water.

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