Synthesizing Sound from Turbulent Field Using Sound Textures
for Interactive Fluid Simulation
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 539-546 (Proc. EUROGRAPHICS 2004)
Yoshinori Dobashi 1 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto 1 Tomoyuki Nishita 2
1Hokkaido University,  2The University of Tokyo


Sound is an indispensable element for the simulation of a realistic virtual environment. Therefore, there has been much recent research focused on the simulation of realistic sound effects. This paper proposes a method for creating sound for turbulent phenomena such as fire. In a turbulent field, the complex motion of vortices leads to the generation of sound. This type of sound is called a vortex sound. The proposed method simulates a vortex sound by computing vorticity distributions using computational fluid dynamics. Sound textures for the vortex sound are first created in a pre-process step. The sound is then created at interactive rates by using these sound textures. The usefulness of the proposed method is demonstrated by applying it to the simulation of the sound of fire and other turbulent phenomena.


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