Feedback Control of Fire Simulation based on Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, to appear
Proc. The 30th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA2017) (May 22-24, 2017)

Syuhei Sato 1,2 Keisuke Mizutani 3 Yoshinori Dobashi 1,3 Tomoyuki Nishita 1,4 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto 3
1UEI ResearchT  2DWANGO Co., Ltd.,  3Hokkaido University,  4Hiroshima Shudo University, 


Visual simulation of fire plays an important role in many applications, such as movies and computer games. In these applications, artists are often requested to synthesize realistic fire with a particular behavior. To meet such requirement, we present a feedback control method for fire simulations. The user can design the shape of fire by placing a set of control points. Our method generates a force field and automatically adjusts a temperature at a fire source, based on user specified control points. Experimental results show that our method can control the fire shape.