Real-time Rendering of Aerodynamic Sound using Sound Textures based on Computational Fluid Dynamics
ACM Trans. on Graphics, Vol. 22, No. 3 (Proc. SIGGRAPH2003), 2003-7, pp. 732-740.
Yoshinori Dobashi 1 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto 1 Tomoyuki Nishita 2
1Hokkaido University,  2The University of Tokyo


In computer graphics, most research focuses on creating images. However, there has been much recent work on the automatic generation of sound linked to objects in motion and the relative positions of receivers and sound sources. This paper proposes a new method for creating one type of sound called aerodynamic sound. Examples of aerodynamic sound include sound generated by swinging swords or by wind blowing. A major source of aerodynamic sound is vortices generated in fluids such as air. First, we propose a method for creating sound textures for aerodynamic sound by making use of computational fluid dynamics. Next, we propose a method using the sound textures for real-time rendering of aerodynamic sound according to the motion of objects or wind velocity.

Paper & Slide
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swinging objects rorating sphere throwing cylinder

fighting bear warrior1 warrior2

wind draft failure case

We thank the SIGGRAPH reviewers for their constructive comments; Dr. Ken Anjyo for valuable discussions. This research is partly supported by the Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme (SCOPE) from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan.